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Epoxy Stone

Epoxy Stone is an innovative and elegant epoxy-aggregate resurfacing
system designed to provide the ultimate solution to beautify concrete.
The old surface does not have to be removed. It is permanently
concealed! All types of concrete areas are aesthetically improved with
the textured look of Concrete Solution's Epoxy Stone when applied
directly over problem areas. Epoxy Stone can be applied over virtually
any solid surface with proper preparation providing an easy solution
to cracked, gray aging concrete, contractor's errors or weathering.
Epoxy Stone installations will add years of visual beauty and value to
any property. The great thing about this product is we can install is
today and you can walk on it tomorrow!

Product Pluses

Garage Floor Magic

Garage Floor Magic is a unique combination waterborne base coat,
mid-coat and 100% solids epoxy topcoat technology. This system is
design to provide a rich, durable, and luxurious high gloss floor
coating for residential and industrial decorative concrete resurfacing

Product Pluses

Fast & Easy Installation
Gasoline and Oil resistant
Fade resistant
Stain resistant
Easy to clean





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